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Amistad FAQ

Do I need a literary agent to submit my manuscript to Amistad?
Yes, we do not accept unsolicited submissions, ie work not submitted by a literary agent. If you don’t currently have an agent, we recommend visiting the following websites as resources for your search:

We also recommend the following agents:
Marie Brown at Marie Brown Literary Services
Melody Guy
Cherise Fisher
Tanya McKinnon at McKinnon McIntyre
Regina Brooks at Serendipity Literary Agency
Ayesha Pande at Ayesha Pande Literary

I need to find a freelance editor. Do you have any suggestions for where I might find one?
Yes, you can visit the Editorial Freelancers Association for resources about freelance editing. Some freelance editors we recommend are: Cherise FisherCarol TaylorLeah Lakins, and Malaika Adero.

Does Amistad market their books only to black readers?
No, we work hand-in-hand with the same marketing and publicity teams as the Harper imprint. This means we use all the same sales channels and resources as our flagship publisher in addition to our imprint-specific contacts. We get the best of both worlds, and as a result have a diverse readership.

What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Read and spread the word about good books. Know what’s being published and show support of the industry by purchasing books.  

For Your Reference:
Editors on Editing by Gerald C. Gross
How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen
How to Get A Literary Agent by Michael Larsen